Recruitment announcement of senior management personnel of State-owned enterprises in Jilin High-tech Industrial Development Zone

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Jilin Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is a state-level hi-tech industrial development zone approved by The State Council1992Jilin City New North Investment Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as New North Company)Jilin Huide Investment Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as Huide Company)Jilin Xincheng State-owned Capital Development Holding Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as Xincheng Company)It is a wholly-owned state-owned enterprise injected by the Management Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone。In order to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises, combined with the actual needs of enterprises for operation and management talents, it is planned to recruit senior managers of enterprises in Jilin City。The relevant announcements are as follows:

I. Recruitment plan and conditions

(1) Recruitment positions

The recruitment of Jilin high-tech zone new North company (Huide company, new Cheng company) chairman1名。

(2) Recruitment conditions


2.Have a college degree or above recognized by the state, age in50Under one year old (19731017Born after the day),CPC member

3.Familiar with government work procedures and operation mode of state-owned enterprises,Have more than two party and government leadership experience or more than two enterprise leaders working experience。Have the professional knowledge necessary to perform the job responsibilities (especially familiar with the construction field), have a strong strategic planning ability, organization and coordination ability, team building ability, reform and innovation ability, risk prevention ability and market control ability。

4.Good health, with the physical conditions to adapt to the requirements of the position。

5.There are no illegal and disciplinary behaviors, bad employment records and bad personal credit records。

Ii. Recruitment procedures and schedule

(1) Registration and qualification examination

1.Registration method。This recruitment takes two ways: online registration and on-site registration。

Online registration Log in Jilin High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee website( in the Registration Form。报名Upload registration materials to the dedicated

Registration place: Shenzhen Street, Jilin City7Number, Torch Tower161607号。

Application materials include:Registration Form, graduation certificate, ID card, electronic registration record form of Education certificate of the Ministry of Education (printed on Xuexin network), proof of no criminal record, personal credit report and detailed self-recommendation materials (including work performance, major problems solved, etc.)In addition to the "Registration form" other materials should be uploaded scanned copies, when receiving the "Interview Notice" need to bring the original for on-site confirmation。

2.Registration time。20231021Sunday morning8:30Start, till afternoon16:30End, late registration will not be accepted。

(2) Interview

This open recruitment is conducted by the combination of interview and assessment, and the interview does not set the opening proportion, which is organized and implemented by the Management Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone。

(3) Physical examination

After the interview, according to the examination results, the candidates are determined to organize physical examination。The medical examination is carried out at the designated hospital at the expense of the applicant。The physical examination shall be carried out with reference to the revised General Medical Examination Standards for Civil Servants Recruitment (Trial). A re-examination shall be carried out on the abnormal personnel in the first physical examination according to the characteristics of the physical examination items. The result of the physical examination shall be subject to the conclusion of the re-examination, and the result of the self-examination shall not be used as the basis for the conclusion of the recruitment physical examination。

(4) Organize inspection

If the applicant passes the physical examination, an investigation team shall be formed by the recruitment unit to conduct investigation and background investigation on the recruitment object。

(5) Publicity

The list of candidates can be found on the website of the Management Committee of Jilin High-tech Industrial Development Zone(, publicity period is3Working day。If there is no objection after the expiration of the publicity period, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the relevant procedures。

(6) Employment

The personnel to be employed shall be under contract management and shall sign labor contracts with the employing units。

3. Remuneration

The salary of the employed personnel shall be in the form of basic salary plus performance salary, with specific standards按照Interim Measures for the Administration of remuneration of persons in charge of key State-owned enterprises in Jilin High-tech ZoneEnforcement of provisions。

If there is anything not mentioned in this announcement, please pay attention to the supplementary announcement。

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Jilin High-tech Zone Management Committee

October 18, 2023

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